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One of the best activities in nice weather is going out on the patio for the joys of outdoor living. In fact before there were decks and patios covered porches were the outdoor entertainment areas for families. By simply having your coffee, tea or mint julep out on the porch you could wave and talk with neighbors and others who were taking an evening stroll. This area also became a meeting place, especially to entertain those not well known to the family.
Even though modern times have relegated the front porch to just a glimmer of its former glory this old-time feel has been transplanted into the backyard deck where patio contractors have developed large living spaces. In essence patio designers have created an outdoor space with indoor conveniences such as kitchens complete with large grills, ovens and refrigerators. For areas situated further north outdoor fireplaces, both gas and wood, extend the patio season further into the fall and earlier in the spring.
Another great design is the multi-tiered patio which can feature planters and custom gazebos. In addition, spas and community fire pits do not need to be situated at ground level but can be as high as 8 feet in the air. Gazebos have also changed in style from the standard, conical abode to longer, more functional areas to hold kitchen facilities, recreational gear or an outdoor bar.
When designing a patio consult a builder who can show you a large portfolio of designs. This goes for building a porch because some contractors have great plans for this old-style convenience. The old narrow, covered deck on the front of the home can be transformed into a broad welcoming area. This could feature decking and paving stones which join the themes of the home with the porch and front yard. In fact when designing a porch a builder will take into consideration the style of your home and your lifestyle.