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No other area in the home requires so much attention to detail as the bathroom. This is because no other space uses as much water on an ongoing basis, water that has to be properly supplied, stored and drained so that no moisture leaks into other areas of the home.
Another reason that special attention is focused on bathrooms is that, like the kitchen, the room is a multi-use area. For example, in our culture the toilet is a part of the whole ensemble and its placement and operation affect the overall layout of the area. This is because of its awkward length and shape it cannot be placed too close to the entry door or near the path of any other of the other fixtures like the vanity or sink.
Ventilation is another important part of the area. Every day dozens of gallons of water flow out of the faucets and fixtures, and a percentage of that will escape into the air and into the home as vaporized water. A good ventilation system will draw this moisture outdoors before it has a chance to get out into the home. However, if the fans are not strong enough water vapor is absorbed into many areas where mildew and mold can grow. As well rot and insects are a byproduct of too much moisture in the home as is corrosion. To be sure of a good exhaust rate the fan in a normal bathroom should draw at least 50 cubic feet per minute and have a sound rating of less than 0.5 sones.
Bathroom remodeling contractors will “follow the water” when redoing a bathroom. This means that if they find any moisture under the walls or floor they will keep cutting until they find the source of the leak. Usually it is just a loose fitting or tired angle joint that can be repaired quickly. This is why it's important to consult a bathroom expert before beginning your project.